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Default Re: Tweaking Crysis with Gaco Retail_Tweak_Config_v1.0 Can it get any better on Vista?

Allright Gaco, lets work together. But lets face it, i tried your config on 1280x1024 and experienced a fps around 20... With my config i get 25 - 30, most around 30 at the same resolution. Witch i see is alot better. Also i was running the demo back then so doh.. Now i got the full game and tomorrow am gonna try both your config and my config out once again. You and I shall make the very best config out there and then upload it on places, digg it, forums, stickies.. It shall be, out finest hours *calm trums* (like in those ww2 movies)

So lets get to work tomorrow Gaco! And let us celebrate the new year, the year of crysis!
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