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Default Re: Excellent Point

Originally posted by maxpower
I couldn't agree more. Like Vamp suggests, I want to see us making the traditional news posts for spicy NVIDIA news/reviews, really cool news and anything else that merits commentary.

The roundups really help to make us (as news posters) more efficient. Now I don't feel obligated to regurgitate some trite, overused intro comment before every news item I come across. To be honest, that alone has kept me from bothering to make a post or not. Good or bad, the fact is I usually don't have a heck of lot of time to post each day so the last thing I want to do is to *introduce* the news post. It's more an issue of my wanting to come up with something worth reading for the user, or something funny, interesting, etc...and 9 times out of 10 I just don't have it.

I'm more and more confident that the combination of traditional and roundup styles will be a nice improvement for the site.
In other words, you seek to entertain your people. I find that just keeping things fresh for a news poster's self if very important. Keeps you from getting too dull. It sucks when there isn't much to post on though. Makes the good points of news more interesting though. You all are doing a great job. Somebody needs to feed MUYA a Scooby snack though, before he runs out of steam.
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