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Originally Posted by mythy
not if you own them. I own the entire set. Besides if its on TV theres no law that says you cant record it ! Hello DVR/VCR?!?!?

So no theres nothing illegal going on over here

The funny thing is back when that was broad casted the films wernt encoded to HD DVD so it must just be unconverted very well. Kinda amazing if you ask me
You do not own the entire set as it has never been sold. When the HD version comes out, do I get them for free since I own the DVD's? What moronic "reasoning" if you think owning the DVD entitles you to every single version ever again released in any medium. Downloading an illegal duplication on the Internet != hitting record on a VCR connected to a cable box. Pirates like you are the very reason we have such retarded pain in the ass "inventions" like HDMI and DRM. By your logic, I guess Youtube should start having movies there for free. Afterall, if they air on TV they must be free!

Additionally, you knowingly bypassed encryption and copy protection schemes if you have a PC transfer of something that aired in HD on Cable or Satellite.
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