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Originally Posted by misterflibble
I don't think the nVidia drivers are to blame for the video drifting in and out of interlace sync at 1080i in Mythtv, see this thread:
where I detailed how I was able to get it to stay in sync, and it apparently works for both component and dvi so far, despite nvidia's utility showing refresh rates of 29.97 and 60.05 respectively.
As you remember, I replied to that one.

I don't understand how you figure that that's somehow an indication that the driver's not the problem...not to mention that, as philvid pointed out, other players other than mythtv have the same issues. Also don't forget that 1080i worked great with old 8xxx nvidia drivers.

It may well be that the only reason your test works is because it requires using the video as a timebase...which is never the default in any player program, as audio can be unforgiving about dropping stuff. If anything, this may be a sign that the incorrect RefreshRate reported by the driver may be the source of the problem.

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