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Originally Posted by mythy
So I recorded LOTR and yet I own the DVD's. Does that make me a pirate?
Originally Posted by mythy
well 3 seconds after that PM I'm at 4.8K and holding Yea see it in 20 years

Which one is the lie and which is the truth?

One of these is legal:

1. Downloading a movie on the Internet from ANY SOURCE which is not authorized.
2. Recording a movie using a PVR, VCR, DVD Recorder etc sourced from an OTA broadcast, cable, satellite etc for personal in home viewing at a later time.

Is this so difficult? If you do #1 you are a pirate, period, and responsible for the current nightmare state of DRM. Quit trying to justify your stealing. The "I broke my disc" argument holds no weight either. The only thing I can find in my house where I get a free replacement if I break it is Craftsman Tools.

The bottom line is you have no respect for others' property. It isn't up to YOU to determine how serious it is, it is up to the OWNER OF THE PROPERTY to determine how serious it is to them, with matters concerning THEIR PROPERTY. They have determined it to be a big deal. I hope someone robs you someday.
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