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the top was hypothetical why on earth would i be dling it if I had it The point is if you bought it once you should have a right to grab another copy if you need it. Not another disc tho that would be wrong since some one had to pay for it to make it. But as far as a digital copy its not hurting any one. You already paid for it once. People like you support Bioshcoks statement on the 3 installs and family use. They commented that if you payed for it why should your brother get to play it... Its just ****ing stupid

The same goes for newspapers. You paid for it its yours. No one else has that rite to read it its not theres. If they wish to read it they need to bu ya copy. Now you tell me you never let any one read your magazine or a news paper you bought? Your a ****ing Thief and a Pirate! Shame on you!!!! Your hurting newspaper sales and should be locked up!

Doesn't sound fair does it? Actually it sounds stupid but its true. Sharing a newspaper is a crime.

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