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Originally Posted by evilchris
Perhaps you should respect the rules of the forum as set by the owner. I am sure Mike doesn't want the RIAA and MPAA sending him subpoenas for his web logs so they can identify your punk ass.

The rules (as far as I know) wernt broken we were talking about a HD release and whats out there. No one posted links and talked about where to DL it from. Your just being a forum prick trying to bash us for wanting it in HD.

Also as far as KoRnfR3ak and Zelda_fan they only posted screen shots of PVR recordings which as you stated are legal so theres nothing illegal going on here and the only rules that were broken were by you and your slander towards others and indecency towards other forum members. You should work on trying to be kind to other people and toning down that attitude of yours.

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