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Default Re: Crysis Screenshot Thread

Originally Posted by Zeus666

Yes, this is a quote from the mail Alex at Crytek send me on my question;

Originally Posted by Alex
We chose to use a certain kind of texture lookup for performance – this lookup type does not support Anisotropic texture filtering. In most cases this should not be that much visible. We will discuss this here and maybe for a patch we consider to improve this for high quality settings. We just need to make sure we don’t loose too much performance and at the same time we cannot afford too many shader variations on this (means having it as an option can cost performance or memory).

So there is still hope Things i want apart from this is;

- Greater range/radius for the POM
- Greater range/radius for the 3d ocean (fft based ocean algorithm)
- Ingame setting for vegetation supersample AA (so we dont have to force it in control panel)
- Even higher textures available
- Overall improvements of the graphics aka Ultrahigh settings

This will ofcourse obviously not be playable on todays hardware (10fps :S), but even so, i would like have it to be possible and available in the engine in crysis for those who really wants... Maybe to set up for those who for example like to take beautiful screenshots for example. But we lay our hopes on nvidias geforce 9 series.. first out to come, the 9800Gx2, cant wait! nVidia dont let us down!

Share your thoughts please and.... Happy new year!
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