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No need for that. Its up to us to take pity on them since they don't understand. Its easy for them to point a finger just as long as its not at them selfs.

Theres a crap load of threads on NVnews talking about DLing a copy of Vista or XP since they have a legal serial#. Yet apparently according to those in this thread its illegal yet no one said **** in those threads. There was HUGE ILLEGAL thread about the Crysis beta right here on NVnews. Mods and admins included, posted leaked content and stolen screen shots from the beta.

But like I said its really easy to go pointing a finger at some one else especially if your a mod or admin after all you can do what you want were just the little guys. And when I say that I mean no disrespect to NVnews every forum has a few kids with there finger morally up there ass and then theres the self righteous bigots hey its life. It would be a good start tho if people would stop pointing fingers at others tho...

Originally Posted by evilchris

The screenshot in this thread is of some "1080p" recording. Nothing is broadcast in 1080p so that is not where that came from.

It was recored that way. The LOTR set was not transcoded back then. I really wish it would have been then we would all have the HD's by now

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