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Default Re: Crysis on a Big Screen?

I'm enjoying crysis on our 37" Sharp Aquos 720p TV. I've got my new system (Q6600, 8800GTX, 4GB, Vista) hooked up to the TV via VGA and the game is running all "very high" settings at 1360x768 in DX10. The game is jaw dropping. So much so that my wife even likes to watch me play it! That's saying something.

So far I've experienced very few moments were the fps were noticably below 20 and I've even increased a few configs beyond "very high." Needless to say, I'm very pleased with this systems performance.

I love that I can play with all the settings so high and get decent performance. Our couch is about 8'6" from the TV which is just about the perfect viewing distance for that size screen and the picture is spectacular. There's just something about crysis on a big screen and I'm actually happy that my screen is a 720p and not a 1080p screen. There's no way I could play with these settings at a higher native resolution.

I play with a wireless 360 controller. I actually enjoy it better that way. Switching suit modes is very quick and easy with the controller. I like being able to control exactly how fast or slow I move with the L thumb stick. I modified the controls xml file to add "prone" and also to make both "prone" and "crouch" toggle actions instead of having to hold the controller buttons down. If any of you are using a controller I highly recommend making this modification. It can be a bit of a pain trying to stay crouched while doing anything more than just moving around.

Also, even at the highest setting you can't move the view about as quickly with the controller as you can with a mouse. It has little to no effect on gameplay but it does mean that you won't see as much full screen blurring because your view is not moving as quickly. Contrary to the opinion of many others I actually like the blurring. I find that it gives the game a very cinematic look and feel. To recreate the effect while using the controller I just changed the motion blur CVAR such that blurring occurs with movement speeds of the type that you make with a controller. I actually made it more pronounced than you would even see when using a mouse. I actually love the effect! It's really neet to see in action with tons of stuff flying everywhere. It even looks cool during the cutscenes.

In other words, Crysis on a Big Screen? YES!
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