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Default Re: Crysis on a Big Screen?

Originally Posted by MowTin
I've been trying to play Crysis on my Samsung 46" @ 1920x1080. In XP I cannot do anything about the overscan. My desktop won't resize. Works fine in Vista but performance isn't quite as good.

Also, I'm unable to find a comfortable position with mouse and keyboard.

Is anyone really enjoying playing PC games on a large screen or is it more of a novelty?

Edit: Crap, meant to post in the Crysis sub forum.

I play Crysis - and all games - in this proyector and with this system .

It is a cheap table with wheels of TV up to 21 “, with a board to size put above. No problem for you , lie down perfectly , more comfortable that with pad - the arms rest on the table.
At the moment use a G7 .

Is a 720 p DLP proyector , the Mitsubishi HC-3100 - it admit 1080p , very interesting for games without AA like Stalker or GRAW series - the input in 1080p and reescaling to 720 p, very good quality in this rescaling to a minor resolution -

And other solution for the mouse

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