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Default Re: WOW for someone who prefers to play solo.

Originally Posted by turdhat
I dont have tons of time but managed to get a Blood Elf Pally to 50 speced prot.
I stopped playing a few months ago because it seemed like finding solo quests became too much of a chore. Has this changed any ? Any tips for someone who wants to get back in to the game, play solo most of the time and not be bored or spending all my time bouncing between continents ?
You like playing solo?
I quite enjoy teaming up with people to quest and have made some good wow buddies who have been very entertaining and helpful over the months. I guess I have a lot of real life friends and even my bf who play as well, so I dont often quest alone to be honest and when I do, I get kinda bored quickly.

There will always be a lot of bouncing between continents...maybe not so much when you hit 60 though, as you will mostly be focusing on the outlands by then anyway.
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