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Default Re: whats your point?

Originally Posted by Dvahlish
I dont like twinks....
Thats all there is to it.
I think its a totally unfair way to play the game and it ****s me.

We kept coming across one in AB....a NE hunter and she (I say she....but Im guessing it was more than likely a balding middle aged man behind the screen) was just knocking people apart with one blow...Hunters are bad enough to come across in the BG, but a twinked one is ridiculous.

I go and look this toon up on the amoury to confirm my suspicions and I see that at level 39 she has 34,523 Honourable kills and a whole bunch of damn fine gear.


So I left the 30- 40 bracket and gave up on BG's for awhile as I only like to play at the end of eachy level bracket...I got to level 49 and decided to head off into the BG's again for some more honour points...
Back to the amoury to check out where the hunter Twink is.....damn....
Shes gone up to level 45 now....
Guess Ill be seeing her again

So...whats with this twinking?

And.....why the hell are the alliance so bad at AB?
wtf ? :astonished:
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