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Default Re: How much is my cpu bottlenecking in crysis?

Originally Posted by conroejoe
27 FPS is too low for anything... who's the moron now? If you are happy with 27 FPS in any game you don't have a brain. Very High should've been locked out if nothing can run it. Even on high performance is spotty at best. Overall the crappy performance of Crysis ruined it for me. COD4 ftw!
If you have played crysis witch i doubt, you see that 25+ fps is not referred as LAG. 25 fps and over is not laggy and is fine to play on, 27 is even better. 25 fps in Crysis is not like 25 fps in any other game, crysis is the only damn game that makes 25fps feels smooth. Crysis doesnt have crappy performance unless you put the graphics to maximum, you must be an idiot if you dont understand that. Cevat even said that when the game comes out, no system will be able to max it out with good frames. The game is scaling very good and the engine is fantastic and its nVidia you should complain to for having too slow cards on the market and not to crytek or on the very game. Its just an demanding engine, try to get that. And cod4's graphics is nothing like the one in crysis, not even comparable and therefor its not demanding either, besides.. outside environments with alot of vegetation and shadows decreases the frames dramaticly, you dont have those kind of environments in cod4...

And take note, he had 27 fps on 1920x1200 resolution, who the hell plays on that res? lower to 1680 or even 1280 and u will see better framrates, over 30 for sure.
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