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Default Re: How much is my cpu bottlenecking in crysis?

Originally Posted by Nanosuitguy
Then its not 25 fps anymore, if you have 25 fps when walking around in the jungle etc, then it would mean 20 fps in firefights. But thats easily fixed by taking the enemy out at range... one by one. Or do some tweaking like i did.. 30 overall fps, 25 in firefights, all veryhigh settings remained. Ubertweak ey.. I love it!
Thanks to the DX9 tweaks posted here I got 30-40fps walking around, and 20-30fps depending on the number of things shooting at me in firefights. I agree that Crysis is a very smooth 25fps, but it's still far from ideal. If the last third of Crysis would have been better, it would have been my favorite game this year.
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