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Originally Posted by Nanosuitguy
I am about to open som complainments...

I played today on this server.. and there was a haver with some kind of freezray, he killed me and others instantly, froze and popped, even cars and sh!t. He can even run fast as hell, and is invulnerable to any type of damage. God mode even called. I totally lacked on this guy... And then he gave links to the damn cheats. PLEASE REPORT THIS SITE, MAKE IT GO AWAY. I DONT WANNA PLAY WITH DAMN HACKERS!

Welcome to FastMemoryMan !

We have now offically launched and are able to bring you the best Crysis hack out !

Our hack has:

Flying (Fly Around The Map!)
Unlimited Ammo
Unlimited C4 etc..
Unlimined Nukes
1 Shot 1 Kill (Even With Pistol)
Shoot Down Choppers With 1 Shot !
Unlimited Cloak
Speed Hack
Rapidfire (No Reloading Time etc..)
God Mode (No One Can Ever See You!)

Order TODAY !

Someone please do something!

lol, sorry to laugh, i do understand where you're coming from, but it's
just that no one's going to do anything because no one can. just
play on a different server without cheaters.
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