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Default Re: Windows Vista x64 and enabling support for the Black Wireless XBOX 360 Controller?

Originally Posted by crainger
My 360 gamepad is great, perhaps a little to stiff. I use a wired one on my PC.

The wireless ones I use on my 360 are pretty nice. Though I prefer the smoothness of the PS3 pad.
I can't find a good 360 controller, this is my second one already. I checked controllers that my friend have, its all the same issue.

thumb sticks are loose about 2-3 mm in each direction, its very noticable in racing games, especially in NFS Most Wanted. Thumb stick won't center correctly. In other games like Dirt, GTR2, i can adjust dead zone and its not a problem.

I checked about 15+ controllers, all have loose thumb sticks. Logitech Wireless RumblePad 2 has really solid sticks.
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