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Default Re: Crysis on a Big Screen?

Originally Posted by brady
I play with a wireless 360 controller. I actually enjoy it better that way. Switching suit modes is very quick and easy with the controller. I like being able to control exactly how fast or slow I move with the L thumb stick. I modified the controls xml file to add "prone" and also to make both "prone" and "crouch" toggle actions instead of having to hold the controller buttons down. If any of you are using a controller I highly recommend making this modification. It can be a bit of a pain trying to stay crouched while doing anything more than just moving around.
I'm interested in what kind of button combinations you modified it to. Can you give an example or maybe just post the xml file? Even with this modification I think a keyboard and mouse are way better for this game (to me you just can't do fast twitch reactions like moving your head side to side quick enough with the joysticks), but it still sounds like fun to try.
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