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Default Re: whats your point?

I have a 39 twink hunter(female toon too) on horde. I'm in the most well known/best twink guild in our battlegroup as well. I honestly like playing against other twinks, as killing just people levelling through the bracket is no challenge at all.

For some people endgame is killing some NPC scripted encounter thats been beaten over and over. For some its arena, only to have to arena all over again when the season starts. You are playing through a never ending cycle of either raids, or arena and for what? gear. Well, some of us found an end to the gear grind and its through playing lower level toons.

If you want to level and not twink I suggest you not worry about PVP until after you hit the 5x bracket, but even then as alliance you'll have it rough because for some reason the naturally bad PVPers go to alliance(no offense).

look for Liqswife on Lethon, 39 BE hunter. I'm male, 31 years old, married with kids, have regular sex, don't live in parents basement and have a headfull of hair
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