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Originally Posted by Nanosuitguy
I ment IT, not me to be removed.

"i posted this site because i wanted it to be removed"

Sorry :P

Sammy, just wanted to do the right thing Is there really nothing we can do? Nothing anyone can do?
Well Unreal Tournament has relied on third party cheat protection since the start with UT-Pure for ut99 and anti tcc for UT2003 plus finally safegame in ut2004.The current game has no cheat protection but apparently the safegame creator cruicky is working on that.Epic never made a effort into this and they didnt do it now either.Time/money restrictions who knows.

Post at the Crytek forums,there seems to be a lot of talented third party modders/coders/mapmakers and if crytek themselves wont pick up the gauntlet maybe one of the members will.
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