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Actually, I thought about that when I posted this question. but the last time that I tried to use DCPro, it messed something up and caused me to have to reinstall the OS. I have downloaded it again, and will try it when I make another backup with Acronis TI (hopefully, I won't need it this time).

It has been quite a while since that previous attempt, therefore I can't remember which version that I used, nor if I used Cab Cleaner. If I did use the latter, that may have been the reason for the problems that I had, because I didn't understand that it would remove the native video drivers. Does it also remove the VGA driver?

EDIT: I also found that I hadn't exorcised the Device Manager of ghosts, and there was a 6200 spook hanging around, even when I reverted to the 7800. Actually, there were enough ghosts of different kinds to start a haunted house. These are now gone, except a few of the MS ilk, because I think that these are required by the system. At least that was true in one case.
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