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Default Re: Funny Crysis review

Not quite what I would call a review... but yea..its all true. Although the cloak is supposed to be like that, what fun would it be if you could dance around all day invis? I actually find that running through without alerting anyone is much harder, and will often fall apart at odd times (ie killing someone stealthy will some how end up alerting everyone).

The detection range isn't quite as bad actually for the ground troops.. if there was one unit that allways managed to see me from miles away..its those freaking boats! and theyll damn well shoot you from that range too!

oh yea and the thrusters comment... that was a forehead slapper for me too. I mean come on.. why? are these battle armor or space suits? If I had to makeup something, I would say the suits speed mode which could manipulate water over its surface to move faster, could also move air over its surface for propulsion.
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