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Default Re: whats your point?

Originally Posted by lIqUID
well my wife originally had the hunter hence the name Liqswife and I played some 19 bracket BGs with it. I liked it so much I basically took the character away from her and used gold from my 70 to finance the twinking.

I have 2 female toons at 70, and one at 60 thats retired. I have a male orc shaman at 60, and my newest 70 is a male ud lock(17 bubbles from 70 ) like I said earlier the twink is also female. I just think the female toons like better in high end armor, yea thats it!
Yes...Im thinking of making a hunter myself to be honest.
They do very well in the BG's.

Females look better in high end amour eh?
I dunno.....I have an undead rogue and lets face it, even the high end armour never looks that fantastic for a rogue....especially an undead one.
I think they could make them more sinister and evil.

I think the high end priests and warlocks can look fantastic though....Im a lover of the "look" of the robe.....just not into playing a spellcaster all that much.
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