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Originally Posted by sammy sung
UT veterans for instance can do shots,kills with such speed that most new players would deem them as cheaters,they just cant understand how skilled some players are.
So true. Especially when people come from extremely fast paced games. Where your reaction time even amazes yourself. Then you come to a game like this. Crysis is somewhat fast paced. But there are other games that move a lot faster and require quicker reaction times. Which in turn makes this game a breeze.

I can't count how many times admins kick/ban people simply because the admin was losing. Oh well, move on to the next server.

To the OP: send that to the anti cheat communities. Don't post the direct link to it on community sites. You are doing the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. You are telling people where to go to cheat... I realize it is pretty easy to find it on their own. But every time someone else post's a link. They make it just that much easier.

There are only a couple servers I like to play Crysis on now. Because they have awesome admins who kick the cheaters and spare the skilled
The rest are horrible. I played one server the other day that I counted 6 people cheating (on both teams, flying, 1 shot kill, unlimited nuke cheats..) and half of my team killing me for no reason.. Talk about taking the fun out of the game.
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