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Default Re: whats your point?

It isn't just men who have female characters. I have heard from some women (sorry, it's hard to conceal gender on vent, so yes there are females who do play WoW) who will create male chars; largely because they don't want the attention.

But anyhow; I have a shamy twinked at 39 now, and used to have a rogue at 28.... If one has the money, and it's something to do, I see nothing wrong with it. So, some new player won't own the BGs; but then again first priority for a new player should not be trying to get all the best gear they're going to replace within < 1 week anyhow, beg for money, insist on havign it all handed to them, whatever. It should be to just quest and lvl, so their can make their own way.

As to latter chars? If one's playing alliance, twinking at lower lvls seems the only way to avoid so much AV post patch 2.3 anyhow; where it isn't even just losing anymore, but the raid wiping before they even get to the first GY to try to cap (if they even attempt, which many won't as they're too fixated on IGBY (where the horde plans to ambush if not before) or galv. 30 secs in, and defense the rest of the game, as increasing numbers go AFK hitting 75% of the people by now.

On the honor stand point, when my warrior alt needed thorium, and I was mining Silithis, finding a Silithyst by the aliance camp, I just walked it back. I got more honor turning 1 Silithist in on pre-BC world PvP (not really much anymore as most are in Outland anyhow), then in 1 AV. The time involved < 5 mins. On the other hand, most AV is such that on my newest 70 (actually my warrior is 68 now, as I quested on him to get my rogue flying mount for kara attunement); I just can't bring myself to suffer through enough AVs as ali anymore. With 2.1k honor on him now, and any epics way more, I find vanishing and farming wolves for rep the only productive activity when AV goes the way of 99.9% of them in this last patch. If per chance a bunch of stealth capeable can make it down, we could then try to get frostwolf GY, but that seldom happens; and the one time we succeeded the druids got greedy and wanted to take RH, while urging the rogues on to zerg the O with almost everyone up top), before the others could grave there. I went, with obvious unsucsessful protest, that we shoudl stay until the GY is capped, and let the others grave past the horde ambush, but what can I say. Needless to say, rogues aren't tanks, no matter how one tries to count it, and aren't zerging any elite bosses meant to be raided, without tank or heals...

So now, with the status quo as such; I'd actually recommend those who already have mains, twink and try to get most of the honor for s1 before they lvl, so they don't have to suffer through all the AVs and what not at 70; whilst banging their head against the wall with the alliance and whatever else. Ding 70, buy epics that day, get ready to raid, do arenas, whatever....

That's exactly what I will do with my shamy, making him more a PvP alt. I just can't stand the BGs now (unless I'm playing horde), unless I have epics rather then are working towards getting some. And in the case of that char, I doubt I'll make him one of my raiding chars, like others; largely because I don't really like to heal, and don't want to be forced into healing Besides I'm soon to have 3 70s on this 1 realm anyhow, so it little matters atm...
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