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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Originally Posted by OldOfEvil
That sort of spamming tends to drop off as you get more levels. They seem to be targeting the newbies, who I guess they are thinking are more interested in buy gold or whatever.
I've got this in Winterspring, and higher zones, except it becomes mount financing, get your epic flyer, 5,000 g for $100 USD, whatever. I've even got the power lvling spam, and couldn't help but be puzzled with how a lvl 70 woudl get power lvled Throw the constant spam if one goes into SW or whatever, "murloc movie night", and the number of lowbies who all start begging for gold, items, rushes, technical support advise, how do I fix my computer, everything else; it becomes prudent to tune a lot of chat out while in town. One just can't follow 20 people all shouting at one, with 5,000 people spamming trade all at the same time, and try to follow it all, while also being busy one's self.

Before Bliz broke spam sentry, it was better, one could block the spams so they wouldn't appear on screen, then file a GM report when one has time to look over it. But Bliz demanded no, and disabled GM reporting from addons. Their report spam feature simply won't prevent one from having to see it all in real time, and it's the time consuming, and quite harassing nature of having to look at it "now, now, now" which can get to be too much. Imagine email spam were to move over to instant messaging programs, with a ding, "you've got mail", or popup everytime someone messages you. That's about the size of it. Least in email, one doesn't have to have it presented to them when they are not checkign email.
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