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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Originally Posted by jolle
Man, this new spam form is making the game almost unenjoyable.
I think they use some sort of automated process to create a lvl1 human warrior, invite people from the "who" list into a group, spam in part chat and disband, invite next in list etc.

Which means I get 5 concurrent group invites every other minuite or so.
A quick fix is to put the character on Ignore, then after 5 mins it seems they have deleted that char and created a new, cause a new name (again, lvl1 human warrior) will spam group invs..

After playing a full day with this going on and on and on, no matter where in the world I am, its getting PRETTY DAMN OLD!!!
Yeah I've seen it, and it got old months ago. Ever since the patch where Blizzard killed spam sentry, and to not look totally unresponsive to the spam complaints put spam reporting in the interface and blocked PST from 10 day trial accounts. This was the spammers way around. It worked for about 3 hours, and then the spammers and gold sellers started devising methods such as this one, to get around the restrictions to 10-day accounts.

After like a half a year of this, coinciding with all the beggers, the "it's your fault I have to live with sucky gear, you won't give me 100 g", and whatever else; I'm actually beyond the point of even careing whether I might appear "nice" if I just give the beggers, the spammers, the gold sellers, whatever else a rebuff for all of this.

What makes it worse though, is that before all this hit the fan and got even half as bad as it's developed into currently; Gilthanas, someone who I considered to be one of my best friend's fell into this in a quite messed up way. He came to me on some alt I had only seen 1 time, some half year earlier, for about a minute or so as he told me "this is another one of my characters, but I don't really play him anymore"; and unrecognized I took him for someone else. Getting griefed by someone else, and actually running into more then a few harassing game players around that time, for which I had relogged to get away from it, I mistook im for one of them. I didn't even remember such a char existed until several months after the fact, and to this day still don't know the name, nor would I be able to just identify it on sight, without some prompting of "jogging" of my memory.

Just going along with it, believing he was following my wishes (he wasn't), rather then recognizing "oh, I musta stepped in something here, and he has no idea who I am"; he just took it for granted that I would know, and now falsely believes I hate him and don't want him around anymore, both untrue. Since then, almost everyone I have known has realm transfered or whatever, though one friend came back after many months absent. And in the midst of that, at times seems these bots, gold sellers, beggers, are the only constant, bleh.... And yet the spammers and the beggers are precisely the one's I don't care to have to listen to, and this after a half a year of what you've been looking at.

The worst is, he won't see it, or perhaps is totally unable to understand with much going on while he's been gone; and even if he were to appear to me, would still expect me to mystically know things that aren't even visable; and while beating around the bush (at which I could only guess after the fact, not even guessing at the moment); will assume that everything that happens, is said, whatever must be personal, and has to be directed towards him. And yet perhaps unwilling to face the possibility it was never really so much him, as these other announying ones... I don't know which is worse, the prospect a good friend is gone like this forever, or that he might have tried to contact me again, while looking like one of these others because, he seems unwilling to stop stop beating around the bush, remains cryptic, and in the process continues to appear to be one of these others he probably never even came to learn "oh so they're not doing that, since I had left".

They should put in a restriction so you cant Party Invite until lvl2 or 3 or something to prevent this. (no doubt they´ll find other annyoing ways along side the usual shouting in the cities, spamming trade channel etc)
Though even lvl 2s and I've seen 5s spam gold selling. And tbh, there really is no quest in game in a nub zone where one should need a party before lvl 5 or so. Even back when I got the game, I hadn't partied with anyone until after I left Aldrasil and was already into Dolonar. By the time one hits Princess, Hogger, Oakenskowl, etc, a party can start comming into play as necessary... On the other hand, for a high lvl to go and rush some random starting char for the high lvl, beyond time consuming, on some classes (hunter for instance) can also be expensive. Ikarus won't kill without eating, and as I now use the kara arrows, there's probably not a zone before the lvl 50 something (maybe 40 something) which has decent enough drops for me to break even on the food/amo costs spent just to fight.

Now if it's a friend, and I know it's a friend, that's one thing. But to have to use up a quiver full of 80 s per stack arrows, and lvl 65 meat for my raptor, for some complete stranger who wants me to do everything for them which is easily soloable, the whole time giving them all drops (which couldn't even cover my expenditures to fight anyhow); soz that's just asking a lot. And what many of these people can't even imagine is, they're not the only one with expenses.

Hell I just had to buy a flying mount (900 g) for my rogue to get third kara frag, my 67 warrior (almost 68) is in Netherstorm on a 60% mount, because I still can't afford the 630 g for his epic land (though am working it back), and I had to buy like 120 over-priced thorium bars (having mined what I could find), out of the 400 or 450 he needed to hit 300 blacksmithing on my warrior, so I could use up the fel iron I had in stock, and hit by now 340 BS to make gear he can now use. And speaking of gear, once one starts hitting what one will have around lvl 70, there's socketing, and latter enchanting the stuff... Nub beggers who wil whine and throw temper tantrums if they can't get that lowbie epic; seem to have no clue about the expenses at higher lvls, only hearing rumors of the money that could be made, and would probably be surprised if they knew how little money people had left after buying a mount, gear, enchant, whatever (for instance to prepare a char for kara), 350-375 trade professions, etc.

Ugh, don't get me started on these... Imagine how you felt over a day of it, and now multiply it by half a year or more. That's about how I feel now...
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