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Default Re: BG's..they scare me!

With the way 70 BGs have gone, at least the alliance's best bet is to twink and get the 75k honor cap before 70. If one could start buying s1 before one could equip it (those parts that don't require EotS or AV marks), that'd make it a synch to almost skip the 70 BS altogether, minus those for the needed AV marks, and whatever else.

In 2.3, it's gone beyond just painful for the ali; to the point it's at least as bad as the horde had it in AV 1+ years ago, with the ali in the main refusing to even queue up the BG anymore, except for tokens. It also means the better players, advanced in PvE raides, or who mainly do arenas, just simply don't want to deal with it so stay out. Only exception, newer alts.

Getting some idea of what battlegroups people are seeing this on would be interesting. In my case it's Bloodlust. Whether experiences are limited to certain battlegroups, or tend to exist in all battlegroups might give an interesting aside to what we're seeing. At least in Bloodlust, it's hit the point the ali are so on the verge of either just doing world PvP or other BGs, that the horde is complaining about 2+ hour wait queues, and some ali side are even talking boycott. Though in the main I don't think it's an organized boycott post 2.3; more a "if we are forced to play defense the whole game and can cap nothing, why play it, when we can get more honor killing horde elsewhere". Other then that, the ali is now giving some of the same complaints the horde used to about the need to mirror the map or what not, trade chat turning to 2.3 caused game imbalance in AV, with counter claims of the ali just sucks and if you'd defend, countered by the horde doesn't cap all towers now but steamrolls to then end, which goes back and forth for awhile, but beyond that are like "pfft" and go to other stuff now.

Only way AV is even remotely useful as a BG for honor, is if one's capping. 11 honor just isn't worth the time investment; world PvP would give more for the same time commitment, even without the bonuses. Can't speak for all battle groups experiences though.
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