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Default Crytek Video Tutorial: Creating a PowerStruggle level!

Creating both Singleplayer and Multiplayer levels for Crysis has become a passion for more and more people since we launched our Modding Portal. As mentioned already in our Christmas note to the community this is the first part of the huge tutorial update we have prepared especially for you.

Video Tutorial - Creating a PowerStruggle level
We are happy to announce the release of an official Crytek video tutorial called "Creating a PowerStruggle level". This tutorial is available in High Quality resolution and comes with full audio support. It teaches you the very basics of setting up a level in general and later turns into a guide how to make a PowerStruggle level out of it. Not only the design is explained, also getting your map listed ingame and creating your own prefabs is mentioned.

Updated Official Crytek Documentation
This tutorial is only the beginning and should be a little appetizer to what is following within the next days. We are currently preparing a re-worked version of our Official Crytek Documentation on that will include many new helpful tutorials and references.

So stay tuned for more updates to follow shortly!

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- Download: Video Tutorial: Creating a PowerStruggle level

-Crysis Dev Team

Alexander Marschal
Crytek Community Manager


Direct Download:
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