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Default Re: My HTPC Project (Worklog)

Alright, I got a few pictures for you guys. I'll be editing this post just for installation detailing purposes . This is all I have for right now and I have a dinner to head to later so enjoy for now.

Here is my CoolerMaster Elite 330 case. It cost $44 after shipping from Overall, this is an ok case. Why do I say just ok? This is CoolerMaster's cheapest case and the cheapness does show through just a little bit on a few parts. The case looks really good and everything fits pretty darn good. Just for a side note, this case only comes with one 120MM fan in the back and a vent on the side. I haven't put the sides back on the case yet so I'm not sure if everything will fit correctly with the CPU HSF.

First I installed motherboard spacers and my Gigabyte motherboard (see page 1 for specs). Compared to my other CoolerMaster 690 case, this Gigabyte board fit a little better. I had to apply a little pressure to get the spacers to align with the screw holes but not a lot. Also, I had to push down on the board a tad to get the ports to fit through the I/O shield. Nothing was pushed beyond its limits.

This is more of a personal complaint than anything. The placement of the P4 power connector on this motherboard is real bad in a standard ATX case and my Rosewill PSU has both a 4-pin and 8-pin P4 connector. It really just makes it a little more difficult to hide cables and improve airflow. Look how close the board and the PSU are along with the P4 connection.

As I had mentioned that this case was a little cheap in quality, the front panel wires are pretty fun to play with. This wasn't anything that a small zip tie wouldn't fix .

After the PSU and all of the motherboard connections were installed/done, I installed my MSI 8600GT, Visiontek 650 HD TV Tuner, 20GB IDE Hard Drive and DVD-ROM drive. All connections were made to the drives and away I went! I know a 20GB IDE hard drive is old school but I just wanted to try some free alternatives before I bought a copy of Vista.

My first test was Mythbuntu. I'm pretty familiar with Ubuntu but I've never dealt with MythTV before. Installation was simple and easy. However, I forgot all about doing some research on my TV tuner card and knowing if there were any Linux drivers available for them! I looked for about 30 minutes this afternoon and low and behold, NO DRIVERS. I guess Linux is out of the question for my build. I would just use Linux, work through the kinks and just deal with it but really, I'd rather just buy a copy of Vista and everything just be done with. And if I really wanted to go with Linux, I would have just bought parts I know that would've played nice. I've done some testing with Vista and everything has worked out really well so I'm going with it.

So what's next? I've got a 250GB SATA hard drive on the way (it's supposed to be tomorrow but ZZF is still processing my order), a DVD burner and one of these days, I'll get a copy of Vista Home Premium and a MCE remote.

Well, that's all I have for right now. I will post more updates later!
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