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Default Re: whats your point?

Originally Posted by spirited1
It's because when you're young, the desire to play a knight in shining armour is stronger than the desire to play an evil character (I know Horde isn't evil exactly, but that's how they appear to people new to the game). You want to be the hero. And what is more heroic in an MMO than a Paladin?

As you age, you're no longer content with playing the hero and you view evil characters as having more interesting layers than goody goodies.

So that explains the faction choices. As to why Horde are <generally> more skilled than Alliance, well, it's the age thing again. The more mature you are, the more skilled you are, because you understand the capabilities and skill sets of your chosen class better than a younger player.

That's not a knock against the alliance, or Pallies. I know plenty of players who do not fall into the above categories, such as skillful, mature Alliance players. But it remains true for the majority of players, simply because that's just the way we're made.
Y'know, I think you have something there.
I remember when I first started playing (Im in my early 30's now) and I went straight for an alliance toon.
I didnt want to play the bad guys.
I wanted to play the heroes!

But then a group of friends started playing to and they were all Horde so reluctantly I changed sides.
So happy I did!

I guess I just find the whole "darker" side of the horde more appealing.
My main is an undead...whats more saddistic than that?
But I still think she looks kinda cute

My troll is a hideous thing with tusks and a huge mohawk!

I dunno, the quirkier the better for me.

I look at the huma toons and I think the men all look like porn stars while the females look like snowwhite.
Gnomes...well.......yeh, need I say more.
The NE's are pretty cool looking, and so are some Draenei.

Maybe Im biased, but I just think the horde are more interesting visually.
Guns dont kill people, Magic missiles do!
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