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Default Re: End it the end for some?

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
My coworker just recently got me started in WOW. Been playing for a while and so far the game is OK but not something uber special. I think I need more PvP in a game like this.

My thing in MMO's is building exotic GvG or PvG character specs and then going in large RPK (random player kill parties) that just arbitrarily raise hell in enemy cities. Just doesn't seem like that is very viable in this game, this game seems mostly about PvE and nothing else.

FWIW I am building a nightelf druid right now.
More PVP?
What level is your toon?
There isnt a lot of PVP for the first 20 levels, but it takes off after that.

I have been involved in raids where we will send 50-100 players into an alliance town and take it down.
There are battlegrounds as well and just normal PVP game play.

I think you can have as much or as little PVP as you chose in wow, its up to how you want to play.
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