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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Even if a healer is there, it can be bad. On my it's now a lvl 68 warrior, I had some people who wanted me to come to BF. The guy was 66 at the time. The healer was decent, not the prob, but the lock and the hunter turned out to be played by the same person.

So here I am, counting on CC with some of the mobs, and then wondering what's going on with the traps, why I'm second on the DPS meter while tanking, etc, etc.... Then after some bad going, someone I know commented, and I PSTed (not wanting to say publically) if he was saying these 2 characters were one and the same person. He said yes, the person was trying to play 2 chars in the same instnace and had to keep alt + tabing, ugh. Given they were the only 2 CC in the run...

And in a perfect example of just why friends should identify themself, when comming on alts so as not to get mistaken for someone else; when I logged my hunter in today I got absolutely and positively mobed by not just 1 or 2 beggers. But I had 10 all PST me at the immediate instant I logged in, and even if one isn't dealign with random beggers, these were, multi-tasking that many convs at once can grow a little over-whelming

But those 10 PSTing me via /w all at the same time, all wanting to beg for whatever they think they can get out of me, for no other reason then I just logged; was only the half of it. Because in addition, more then a few others were calling out my name specifically in /s with, you guessed it, more things they wanted me to give them. And of course every one of them wants an immediate response and grows impatient if one doesn't just agree to give them all their wants and desires, now, now, now Then in the midst of all that, one person, who I guess is sort of an acquintance was trying to PST just to say hello and chat in the midst of it, but it was exactly like sitting in a crowded room where everyone is trying to shout and talk to you "this instant", no one wanting to take turns on anything.

Oh, and man, speaking of that sorta thing, not in game, but the other night when I was at a resturant, there was a table of 4 girls and 1 guy. Their conversations consisted of no one taking turns at anything, and everyone trying to shout over each other so they could be heard also. Only problem, the louder one became, the louder the others became. So now the waitress (who at this point was avoiding this section of the resturant, which left service sorta wanting), finally came over.

In terms of putting my desert order in, we were needign to communicate, and I could not hear a word the waitress was saying over this, and vice versa. I couldn't even hear myself speak through this, let along the waitress... She, unable to do her job, and with me wanting to rush to just get outa there, finally left for other tables, in another part of the resturant where it was possible to hear anyone else. I finally had to go to the manager, and order away from the table; who in the end, ended up deciding she wouldn't charge me full price for the meal, with the wait staff and the customers unable to communicate with each other, over that. A meal that would normally have taken 45 mins from the time I walked in, to leaving, ended up taking 2 hours in the midst of all that.
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