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Default Re: Warner to go Blu-ray exclusive May 2008!

Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800
Well weeks ago I read the reports about Warner's expect to announcement Blu-ray exclusive at CES, if Warner go exclusive then Fox will go Blu-ray exclusive to join with Warner and also Paramount will take $150m HD-DVD money and run to Blu-ray camp, meaning Paramount will have no choice but to dump HD-DVD a year earlier than when 18 month due to expire.
Why do you think everyone will suddenly go exclusive? Separate companies no?

Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800
Same thing happened to $99 Betamax, it sold out in a matter of days until supply completed vanished and discontinued. I think if all HD-DVD players sell at $99 then it will vanish completely and discontinue by June/July 2008.
I dont think HD DVD will die that soon but I do see price cuts coming.
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