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Angry Weird performance drop: no changes at all and half performance

My rig is an X2 6000+, 8800 GTS 640 Mbytes, 4 gb ram and Vista x64.

I've been playing with this setup since July. Back then, my 3d Mark 2006 score was around 8500-9500 (depending on minor CPU/GPU overclocks i did a few times). I used to play games like Quake IV, Half life episode 1, and NSFMW and NFS Carbon. A lot of other games too, some of them were pretty demanding for the time. I played them on my LCD on its native resolution (1366x768) with no problem, vsync on and even some antialias.

Now I have installed some of the newer games: Gears of War and Kane and Lynch. I noticed the performance wasn't very good. There was some stuttering here and then. I guessed my rig was falling on the low end now, but according to references (futuremark gaming portal), my system should do ok with the settings i'm playing (1280x720, high settings, no antialias).

I runned 3dMark 2006 just to check everything was ok, AND THE SCORE was 4500. Cold boot, second run and AGAIN 4500. Cleaned the startup programs and AGAIN 4500. Latest WHQL driver (169.25): same thing.

What happenned here????

Please help me, finally i get vacation time to play, and this **** happens.

Thanks in advance.

PD: My pc is used only for gaming and i only install games sometimes, i do not have installed any strange software at all...
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