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Default Re: Warner to go Blu-ray exclusive May 2008!

wow, big news indeed. too bad the war isn't over... by any means. paramount still has over a year left on their hddvd exclusivity. blu-ray is still working on standardization across the board. i have a feeling bd profiles won't be done until it passes 2.0, at which point the whole ps3 install base will be a moot point as it can only do core trueHD via bitstream, but that is another story. hddvds won't just dissappear in may, like all these vastly intelligent blog writers would have you believe. i see more and more people saying they'd rather upscale dvds then buy into bd, which is hilarious. atleast the bd prices are coming down, but the whole idea of not being able to play a disc in its entirety to this day still makes me lol (with different profile discs soon to be released).

the expression goes the 3rd time is the charm (beta, umd, blu-ray), but I guess when the charm is a significant payoff to turn the tables we'll find out how that works out for the consumers. i'm worried of what will become of a format built on zero standards by those with a track record of regular failures that was decided based on what occurred in a business room and not letting the consumer make that decision (look how long vhs lasted because it was the consumer's choice). i see a market shift coming in the means of digital downloads/storage (step in microsoft, i had heard this prediction so many times, only now does it seem like this is actually feasible). only time will tell, tis a dark day.

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