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Default Re: Warner to go Blu-ray exclusive May 2008!

Originally Posted by evilchris
I've been format neutral for 2 years. I am on my 3rd HD DVD player and 5th BD player.

HD DVD remains the best format, but no one will argue with $500,000,000. The war was won with money, Sony paid more. Toshiba is definitely not skilled in viral marketeting, hype, and the usual propaganda that Sony excels at in brainwashing the masses. It lost this for them.

The sad thing is there is STILL no Blu-ray player on the market that can decode DTSMA. PS3 can't even bitstream it. If you have a PS3 and a current Fox movie, you get 1997 DTS. I thought this was about "beyond HD"? Two Denons will decode it onboard but start at $1299 to be released next week. The current players are a complete mess. All are obsolete minus the Panasonic BD30 which I use now.

I've been format neutral since the day the PS3 was released in November 2006. I bought an HD-A1 a week before they were officially released and then an XA2 in Febuary of this year.

I had so many problems with HD DVD's (mostly combos) that I grew to buy BD's over HD DVD's in any situation where there was a choice. The problem discs included Hollywoodland, Children of Men, Smokin' Aces, The Good Shepherd, etc.

I first had problems with my A1. It would skip. This was common and well documented over on AVSforum, as "red" a site as any you'll come across due to the number of consumers who bought the first format that came out. Regardless, it was shown in various polls there that many were suffering from the skipping (where the playback would pause, then sound would be off for a period, it would keep going, and if you paused it, it would come back). Putting the two together, I decided to buy an XA2 and hoped that'd solve my problems and give me 1080p24, which was being promised by Toshiba (via a reseller at avs) in the Feb 2007 timeframe.

Right after I received my XA2, they admitted the firmware wouldn't be done until July 2007. It was actually released in September after they released their new players.

Meanwhile, the problem discs I bought the XA2 were still unworkable. I returned them, tried new discs, and had the same problems. I admit, they were combos. Combos I actually had to pay MORE money for because they didn't give me an option to buy a non-flipper version.

My PS3 is rock-solid stable and beautiful. It did 1080p24 in March/April while Toshiba was still promising that it'd come eventually. They just recently added BD 1.1 format and the system has all the pieces to get BD 2.0, too. Not bad for the third BD player released that also happens to be the fastest and most responsive HDM player out now. Doesn't hurt that it can do a respectable upconversion and may yet get the ability to decode DTS HD MA. Even if it doesn't, its support of the BD-J remains cutting edge.

With Blu-ray in my experience, discs just work. With HD DVD, firmware updates are frequently required just to resolve incompatibilities or glitches. And even now not all of the problems are resolved.

That's MY experience with BD and HD DVD. I own about 100 HD DVD's and 130 BD's. In my experience, Blu-ray is the better experience. Not because the video is better on cross-platform releases, as that's just WB now and WB was always doing its encodes at the LCD bitrates in audio and video (and Paramount before them just had third parties doing low-bit mpeg2 encodes versus avc or vc1), but because when I buy a BD, I know it will work.

I paid more for my PS3 than my A1; and I paid more for my XA2 than I did my PS3. I got what I paid for with the PS3, but I didn't with either the A1 or XA2.

With the end of this format war now that WB (the largest producer of HDM) has seen reason, I am happy to know that the format whose quality I can trust will now offer all the different WB titles I know and love.

I know people who spent $100-200 for a HD DVD player this holiday season are likely suffering for this news, but honestly you tried to save a buck and will now wind up paying that $100-200 PLUS the cost of a Blu-ray player to get new WB HDM releases.

Next time, pick the format that the industry supports and don't delude yourself into thinking just because you buy it, it has to remain. That's silly logic. And before you say, "But the consumers preferred..." I'd remind you of the fact that Blu-ray has won every week this year in sales of discs and players (including the PS3, the most common and arguably still the best BD player available). So clearly there are consumers out there buying BD and more of them than those buying HD DVD.

So the market wanted more BD than HD DVD. Sorry. You might can still sell your HD DVD player. I'm sure thinking about it.
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