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Default Re: Warner to go Blu-ray exclusive May 2008!

I have the exact opposite experience. My BD players have been nightmarish. HD DVD, flawless.

I deluded myself? I've been enjoying titles from BOTH camps long before you. The money means nothing to me.

The PS3 is a toy. If it had a Reon or Realta chip in it and *supported* the audio formats across all discs, it might be a good player. For those serious about home theater, it is not. I will not run a player which outputs DTS when DTSMA is on the disc. I will also not run a player that requires you use a goofy bluetooth remote or a video game controller to control it. The Denon 3800 is the *first* acceptable BD player to hit the market. Should street at around $1700 and I will be buying one.

Additionally, HD DVD players are still an excellent buy if you want to watch Transformers, Bourne, and many other movies. I wouldn't wait 12 months for Paramounts exclusivity to run out to save $149.
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