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Default Re: Warner to go Blu-ray exclusive May 2008!

No mandatory AACS
No possibility of BD+
No region coding
Mandatory Ethernet
Finalized specs.

That was what HDDVD offered that BR didn't

This is a victory for Sony. They stuffed the channel with BR players disguised as game consoles and now they're reaping the rewards. Considering the number of PS3s out there, it's already a defeat for the HDM camp in itself that BluRay disks were outselling HDDVD only 2 to 1

If it wasn't for HDDVD, BluRay adopter would still be paying $30 for a MPEG2 movie on a BD-25 disc. That's what they offered at the beginning. With competition gone, there's no more pressure to offer competitive products or prices. The Blu-ray camp has reaffirmed many times that they don't see player prices dropping any further. And without the competition, where's the motivation to bring profile 2.0 players and improve the quite abysmal performance of BD-J? Or to offer high quality transfers, instead of just reusing the same sources, full of defects and horrid noise, just at a higher resolution?
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