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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

QUOTE=sillyeagle]16xS supersampling looks amazing, and I don't appear to seeing a performance hit with it. If you've got an 8800GTX you might want to give it a try.
every time i try anything higher than "the aa setting in the game" it doesn't appear to be working......when i use 16x thru control panel and shut off aa in game it won't work and i have no aa in the game.

if i use aa in game and set 16xaa to enahnce mode or over ride mode i notice no difference......

when i use 16x mode in other games i have i notice it. are you using nhancer or control panel? i would really like to try anything higher than the aa or af in game.

im using xp pro with 169.21whql from nvidia site.
Core i7 980X 6 core/Thermalright Venomous X/2 NF-P12
Asus P6X58D premium, 6 GIG Corsair 1600mhz CL7, EVGA 480GTX SC
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