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Default 256MB ?

Anyone else with this board running a 256MB video card and Linux rune stable? I noticed both posts here involve a 256MB card, so I tried an old GeForce2 MX 32MB card ... so far no crashes, but it's only been ~1 hr. Has NVIDIA tested their drivers well enough with teh nForce2 Ultra chip and a 256MB card to assure me that is definitely not the problem?

I'd like to remention that I do not have this problem under Windows. I guess with the cards I have to test this theory I am also forced to run below AGP 8X a well as without Fast Write enabled ... so one of those factors could be contributing.

My main card is a GeForce FX 5600 256MB. If this runs stable all night I am going to pick up a GeForce FX 5200 Ultra 128MB, simply because I cannot afford better at this time. (I'm quite against ATi cards for several years now). I have also noticed that since I started using DVI ports, I can no longer do graphica installs. The system will load into memory then the keyboard lights will blink and the system is hung. Anymore using DVI ports noticed this? I've had 4 differnet DVI cards and they all do it. I'm use to it now and have written it off as poor DVI support under Linux. After installation things seem fine though. Just thought I'd throw that out since it could somehow be contributing to this as well (though I kinda doubt that).
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