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Default Re: Warner to go Blu-ray exclusive May 2008!

Originally Posted by evilchris
I've been format neutral for 2 years. I am on my 3rd HD DVD player and 5th BD player.

HD DVD remains the best format, but no one will argue with $500,000,000. The war was won with money, Sony paid more. Toshiba is definitely not skilled in viral marketeting, hype, and the usual propaganda that Sony excels at in brainwashing the masses. It lost this for them.

The sad thing is there is STILL no Blu-ray player on the market that can decode DTSMA. PS3 can't even bitstream it. If you have a PS3 and a current Fox movie, you get 1997 DTS. I thought this was about "beyond HD"? Two Denons will decode it onboard but start at $1299 to be released next week. The current players are a complete mess. All are obsolete minus the Panasonic BD30 which I use now.
Right... 1997 DTS... because I got Deep Rising on DVD and it has a 1.5 mbps DTS track. Oh well, if I just put a plus behind the DTS it will be alright for Transformers, right?
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