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Default Re: Warner to go Blu-ray exclusive May 2008!

Originally Posted by Peoples-Agent
It will be a shame if HD-DVD goes... I don't see why both formats couldn't co-exist offering more choice for the consumer with a fairly even studio split.

Before this announcement things were cruising along nicely, now I face the fact that most of the back catalogue stock will be released with crappy MPEG2 compression.

I'm your average, run of the mill HD venturer.

I don't care for HD sound much and find DTS spot on, but the hardware price ...features, and the fact HD-DVD is region free so I can import US discs suits my needs and wants.

No fecking way i'm paying 20 a disc for Blu-Ray titles.
Because two major media formats cannot exists and go mainstream at the same time. There never has been and never will be. Stores would have to find space for 3 different formats for each unique movie title, it's just not practical. I feel the same way about the pricing but I'm also just taking advantage of 3 for 2 offers on UK websites at the moment. Other than that I'm holding off to buy titles until prices come down (and they will) so until then I'm just renting BD's which cost the same in Blockbuster as renting DVD's (in Denmark at least). It's always something that 65-70% of Blu-ray releases ARE region code free anyway though we can expect this retio to decrease in the future.

I'm just happy that this format war is starting to end. With it going on there would never be enough consumers buying into HDM in fear of choosing the loosing format. But actually I guess Toshiba can still pull something crazy off like paying for a BD studio to go neutral at CES that will make it even again, who knows. But any blu studio would be crazy to move towards red at this point, there'd have to be A LOT of money involved. It's exciting times for HDM right now in any case
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