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Default Re: SOOoooo How Long....

Originally Posted by evilchris
Yeah, I use the forum because I have an Xbox360 with no HD DVD addon. Wanna post shots of our gear and see who the ethusiast is?
Home Theater A/V Home theater systems including audio, video, DVD, Blu-ray and HDTV.
I don't see anywhere that it says "enthusiast". Even if it did, you don't have to "own" the equipment to be an enthusiast. I do think you have great knowledge on the subject evilchris, but the way you present it is just like any other Sony Fanboy out there...If you used your knowledge constructively, (and others here as well), we might have a more active A/V forum...As it is, I think people don't want to come in here and ask simple questions for fear of being ripped apart...

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