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Default Re: Warner to go Blu-ray exclusive May 2008!

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
Who wants to buy into a format that has very few great movies released when you can spend a little more to get a format that has 95% of the blockbusters? Only us true movie fans.... but we just want HD.
Hunt thats a load of **** and you know it. BD does not have "95%" of the Blockbusters. Maybe 95% of what YOU want. HD DVD is 85% of my collection with 15% BD. Very few good BD titles. I think Spiderman and POTC are crap. Dual format releases like 300 always go HD DVD since it is a superior version with interactivity. WB was great with web extras, those will be gone now since only one single BD player has a working Ethernet port, and you will have to wait for the firmware to enable profile 2.0. HD DVD, had it from the start.
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