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Default Re: Warner to go Blu-ray exclusive May 2008!

Evilchris I know that Microsoft make a crapload of money off their monopolized PC software products, that's not news. I'm talking about them being in trouble regarding the format war. Do you honestly think Sony will lose more money on Blu-ray than Microsoft will on HD DVD? In your own words "You just exposed a great deal of ignorance.". But that's how I hear HD DVD fans go these days, they're basically saying: "Oh well if HD DVD can't succeed, there will be no HDM success and personally I'm going back to DVD" - I mean wtf. To think that you can be so emotionally attached (or economially invested, these kinda seem to compliment each other) to say that it's either one HDM format or it's DVD. If Blu-ray had lost, I would have went HD DVD instantly, no question. I'm not that passionate about a freakin format, I'm passionate about movies in HD and I think enthusiasts should rejoice in the fact that for once the superior format won this time around, not the cheaper. Of course if some of you have some inexplicable hate for the Playstation 3 (which is a NEAT piece of hardware), I can't help you. But if you refuse to get one for whatever reason then yes the unfinished specs is a disadvantage of Blu-ray, but it's also the only disadvantage about Blu-ray. And the advantages are plenty to make up for it IMHO..
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