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Default Re: End it the end for some?

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
I have a 70 druid and warrior, both tanks lol.

I just don't have much interest in the game anymore since most people I know quit or play on different servers or faction. I'm in the process of leveling an Ally on a PvP server just to play with one guy I know.

The best thing about the game died for me when they quit. Co-op play is my favorite style of all and I haven't been able to do it in months.
I still play, but know what you're saying. For me, the best fun I had in game was when Gilthanas and I were questing together. Some of that went to the way side, partially as my own fault. At the time, I remembered all too well when I was lvl 12 or 13, and joined the guild of mostly 60s. They didn't even think that perhaps bringing some others in around my level might be a good idea, and so for a fair time I was the last. It wasn't until I was in the 30s, anyone else gout guild invited, and they were all around lvl 13, or above 40 (one of which /gquit, and re-joined after he was much higher lvl), and same deal, as my guy stagnated a bit in the 30s with no decent weap I could afford. I trudged through it though, as a friend I had met first day I got the game, continued making new chars and going back to lvl 1, as I had with him some before. It wasn't until I was mounted, reality struck for him, and he figured he best lvl when he saw my mount and was like OMG...

Funny thing, this was also around the time Gilthanas joined guild, I was aware of him, but we hadn't become friends then, and tbh it would have been too soon. He was like 10+ lvls over me, and I noticed then when he joined with a, he'd be surprised to hear, but "oh schucks, another person just out of my lvl range". But after about a day grinding gold to buy some rare weapon, I got out of the slump, and was getting a lvl a day there abouts until 50 or so.

There is a reason Gilthanas remembered Feralas as being some of the most fun we had, though we played many places since; and at the time I was so focused on hitting 60 (this was in 2006), getting reps, whatever; I rushed through it all perhaps a little too much in wanting to play with various other people I had only hitherto been able to speak with. He felt it necessary at a certain point to play "catch up", and would ask about my reps, whatever, trying to find something he could beat me on Wasn't until I already reached the goal, and latter had to (changing characters), re-do everything we had done together, with no idea if I'd see him again or not (he came back in Dec 06, but many thought he was gone for good then), that it hit me.

But now moving into January, I had no idea how to explain this this to him, and here we were with almost everything done, and nothing we could do together; until BC came out. We rushed through it all, and whatever we wanted in terms of doing stuff together, we largely ran out. I knew, and I knew I was the one who created this, in focusing enough on the goal, to rush past the fun we were having.

It went sour in March, but the worst part, I didn't even know it was happening. And here Gilthanas was, ready to do whatever he felt I wanted, to go along with anything; all ready to comply when I didn't even know I was speaking to him, and because of that non-awareness never really wanted/meant what I was saying. Thought it was some harassing game player, of which I ran into many around that time and after, and from there... He never should have gone along, especially if he did not want to; and he never should have held his tongue the way he did. The most important thing he could have said "but I am Gilthanas"; and everything would have changed, and we could have got back to what really mattered.

Since that time though, one friend after another had realm transfered, gone elsewhere, created a horde char on a PvP server, etc. With most everyone I knew gone, the guild I was in stagnating, and then the guild master going AFK for a long time so no raides could happen, repping remained the only viable thing. And grinding == druge work == boring.

There's been times, where it's felt like being left to the wolves, aka beggers, griefers, gold sellers, and anyone I care about gone. Only thing is, one doesn't really feel like giving the time of day to many of these; when their friends are gone, one by one... One friend finally did end up comming back, and others have logged to chat from time to time, but largely, but...

Yes, it's one's friends who make it fun. Yeah, I'll build some more guys up, get on with some raides, etc... But all said, I now doubt things will ever be as fun as they once were.
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