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Default Re: Warner to go Blu-ray exclusive May 2008!

Originally Posted by evilchris
I find Blu-ray to to be inferior. You have no idea what my thoughts are either. I am saying nothing of the sort of "if HD DVD can't succeed, there will be no HDM success". I am saying neither format is doing well, period. There is no disputing that.

As I have said ONE MILLION TIMES, but you can't seem to read, I have BOTH FORMATS and access to ALL HDM as a result.

Microsoft isn't heavily invested in HD DVD whatsoever. I don't know why you seem to think they are.
Just because blu-ray was inferior in the beginning with crappy MPEG2 encodings and less features doesn't mean it is inferior now or it'll stay inferior. In the long run we have gotten the superior format. And AVC still looks slightly better than VC-1. You seem much more invested in HD DVD as well though you say that you have both. I realize that you're probably an early adopter thus you favor HD DVD but from my perspective it looks as if you're hanging on to some old feelings.. I think it's pretty clear that Blu-ray is the best future format in the long term.

Microsoft keeps getting mentioned as Toshiba's most important partner in the HD DVD Promotion Group, they are the only visible HD DVD support aside from Toshiba so of course I think that they're pretty invested in the format, I can't see why you'd think otherwise? Especially if it turns out they have plans of release an "Xbox360 Ultimate" with build-in HD DVD drive, but I guess we'll see about that at CES.

Anyway I don't really give a **** of how much different multibillion companies loose or win over their investments unless I'm a shareholder of such. I just can't see how you can possibly convince yourself that Sony is in deep **** in conjunction to speaking about the format war. I think the PS3 is selling worse than they expected it to back when it launched and though I think everyone including analysts expected more HDM interest and sales in general, I don't think it's that bad; the PS3 has been selling very well this holiday and Blu-ray has just basically won the format war. Sony couldn't wish for a better turn of events these past couple of months and in particular the 4th of January.
Oh well as I said I don't really care much about how Sony is doing I care about what they can offer me as a consumer.

Originally Posted by S.I.N
I wouldn't go hoping so far. The competition has been producing some amazing deals. I've been stocking up with these 2 for 1 deals on both formats. With HD DVD truly out of the picture you can kiss that goodbye. The way I see it, what really matters with Blu-ray and HD DVD is picture quality and sound. Both can produce the same results so I don't see why many cant be content with both. Yeah it sucks you might miss out if you have only have say a PS3 or a stand alone HD DVD player but still, the competition is driving pricing down like crazy which is better for everyone regardless of if they have both formats.
The offers couldn't go on forever and you know it. Both companies allegedately lost money on giving every second movie away for free, especially some of Toshiba's offerings can only have been giving huge deficit. They did it because they hoped it would swing the format war in their direction and they've known all the time that there could be only 1 format left standing in the end. This format was going in the direction of getting so non-beneficial for the HDM market that they could've lost every opportunity to ever create a mass market for HDM as most people are, understandably, hesitant to adopt a format that could die out in a few years. There have been made several market analysis over this as we realized that one of them had to go in 2008 for HDM to ever have hope of reaching critical mass in order for cheaper hardware and software to emerge. Luckily it came as early as the 4th of january
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