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Default Re: Warner to go Blu-ray exclusive May 2008!

Today I'm going to buy a crapload of HDDVDs. It seems that retailers are panicking and they're started to dump everything HDDVD related. This is the best time to buy a HDDVDs.

I wouldn't worry about being a "dead" format. And, besides, if Bluray succeeds I am not going to purchase everything I've in HDVDD again. You know, those BD-R disks are meant for a reason. If this isn't a fair use...

Originally Posted by Lyme
If this is going to be considered the final win for BD, my question is when will there be a sub $200 BD player? (things on sale don't count). I will not be buying into BD until it can hit that price mark, hopefully with some quality.
Not very soon. Consumers have to pay the "incentives" that certain publishers took to switch sides
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