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Default Re: 169.07 Ubuntu 7.10 Fan at %100

The 8800GT (and other highend cards like the 7800/7900 and the other 8800 cards) contain a ADT7473 chip. This chip is a temperature sensor (though nvidia-settings doesn't read it out, it only reads out the bad internal sensor) but it is also an advanced fanspeed controller.

The fanspeed controller can be programmed in various ways. First of you can set it to a fixed fanspeed and control it from software if you want but this is possible for other basic fanspeed controllers too. Its advanced features lie in its automatic fanspeed mode. In this mode you can specify temperature thresholds and a factor for which to bump up the fanspeed if the temperature increases. (It is even more detailed than this). The default parameters are in the bios and apparently nvidia overrides them. I can add functionality to set all these parameters but I can't test it at all.
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